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In all the years that Automated Election Services has been doing business, no two elections have been alike. We don't expect that pattern to change. There are always unique circumstances and special problems which require extra attention. This is true of Native American tribes, cities, counties and even states. But that's okay. AES had built a strong business and formidable reputation around an ability to mold our expertise to the most oddly shaped requirement that a customer can have. We call it Total Process Management. We're the only company in North America that provides this service.

Simply put, AES approaches each election as an individual project. We break down the election into its management components. Each component is analyzed and woven into the final project. The result of the Total Process Management approach is a successful election of the highest integrity.

No matter what unique set of circumstances you have, we've seen their basic components and we can organize them into a systematic process that gets the job done.

AES is able to provide each customer with the following products and services:

  • Election Law/Ordinance
  • Training & Education for:
      Election Administration
      Poll Officials
      Support Staff
  • Voting Equipment
  • AutoVote BallotPak Absentee Mailing & Tracking System
  • Prepackaged Election Supplies
  • Election Ballots:
      Optical Scan
      Color Coded
      Security Features
      Specialty Numbering
      Bar Coding
      Direct Access Imaging
  • Election Results Tabulation
  • Election Results Analysis
  • Election Night Results Reporting
  • Presort Mailing

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