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With the enrollment foundation in place, the voter registration module will be your best friend in the months before election day. This system makes tracking and managing voter eligibility, history, residence and registration a snap. Tracking voters becomes lightening fast and extremely accurate with signature scanning and bar coding. Immediate petition verification is made possible with high-speed queries and on-screen signature comparison.

With just a few clicks of a mouse you can produce a multitude of necessary and extremely helpful lists and reports.

The TEAMS Voter Registration module anticipates all your needs and questions and stands ready with the hard copy answers you're looking for. For example:

Question: Can TEAMS produce a list of eligible voters by district?
  Answer: No problem.

Question: What about eligible voters by precinct?
  Answer: Easy.

Question: Can I get a voter participation log for members to sign before casting a ballot?
  Answer: Of course.

Question: How about a list of poll officials?
  Answer: Sure.

Question: Can TEAMS produce a comparison analysis report?
  Answer: Without breaking a sweat.

Question: What about poll listing with a photo ID or signature verification?
  Answer: Yes.

In Short, the TEAMS Voter Registration program gives you the confidence in knowing that only eligible voters are able to cast ballots and that election day discrepancies will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The best part is, you are equipped with a voter registration system that will stand up to any challenge brought against the integrity of the process.

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